One month anniversary!

Today is John’s and my one month anniver.sary!  That’s right, we got married one month ago!  It feels like so  much longer since we have had so many transitions, but it really has only been a month.  God has been faithful this past month as we have turned to Him.  It has been awesome to grow closer with God and John.

And since it is our one month anniversary and we randomly had the day off of work, we went on an adventure.  So…. I am going to delay the recounting of our daunting tasks to tell you about today’s adventures!

We woke up later than expected, so we didn’t go out for a rice noodle breakfast.  In fact, we still haven’t been out for a rice noodle breakfast on our own, which is quite sad.

After some debate and internet research, we settled on a plan for the day.  We would go out for lunch, find a coffee shop, walk around, and stop by the sole Wal-mart on the way home to grab some food for dinner.  We talked briefly about taking the high-speed train to Changsha to hunt down the only Starbucks within 100 miles, but decided that we should wait until we master a bit more Chinese and have a chance to plan our trip.

We headed out of our apartment to wait for the No. 17 bus to take us to Jono, the Chinese “Western-style” restaurant.  (On a side note, I will post pictures soon… for some reason both of our camera batteries died randomly today :()  The hostess and waiters/waitresses were both amused and excited that we were braving their restaurant by ourselves and were very friendly.  They patiently tried their English and taught us a few words in Chinese.  In turn, we tried a little Chinese too!  (“Fen” is noodle!)  We ordered  a fruit salad (while they do have  some delicious local fruits, they also eat watermelons, cantaloupe, and bananas regularly), two plates of spaghetti with meat sauce, and blueberry “muffins” with ice cream.  “Muffins” are actually waffles.  It’s a mistranslation that amuses me. 🙂  All in all, a very pleasant experience for only 80 yuan ($12.13 USD).

After lunch, we crossed a few streets to find the U.B.C. Coffee shop that is across from our bus stop.  We walked inside, expecting an atmosphere akin to American coffee shops.  What we found was quite different.  It was like a restaurant with tables and waiters!  The waiter spoke to us in Chinese and we shrugged.  So she led us back to a private room and after a Chinese/English conversation with the help of our phrase book (my pronunciation needs a bit of help!), she brought us a menu and took our order.  John ordered chocolate coffee and I ordered what I thought would be a cappuccino (since they seem to think cappuccinos are lattes.  They have the foam to milk ratio all wrong!).  What I got was an iced latte, but it tasted like real coffee and I was ecstatic!  We delighted in our coffee though it was a bit expensive (60 yuan = $9.10 USD).  We have decided to go there on special occasions for a treat!

Feeling triumphant for having successfully ordered in not just one, but two restaurants, we decided to walk along the streets to Wal-mart rather than take the bus.  It was fun to get a sense of the culture surrounding us.  Several people tried to talk with us too!  Many people are excited when we smile and say ne-ho (hello!)!  We made our purchase at Wal-mart successfully (with ingredients to try to cook a Western/Chinese meal) and got back on the bus to go home.

All in all, a fantastic and encouraging day!  I’ll report the rest of our daunting tasks and some observations about Yueyang later!


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