After two weeks…

I had to give in.

I used a Chinese toilet.

I still think it is gross.

I have trained my bladder to hold it for 10 hours – from 7:30am til 5:30pm when I get home.  But today… we had to stay late at work to give a lecture.  And my body gave in after 10 hours… I had to figure out how to squat over a hole. 


I still shudder at the thought.


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3 responses to “After two weeks…”

  1. Taneisha says :

    Wow, I’m so clumsy, I would fall in the hole….

  2. Christy says :

    LOL! I have been there. Well, not there, but squatting… in the Philippines… which is part of Asia, so maybe it could technically be called there. 🙂

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