Technology, even the best technology is only as good as the person using it.

Or perhaps worse.

But never better.

You could put the world’s most cutting-edge technology in front of a person who rarely  uses a computer and he or she wouldn’t know what to do with it.

On the contrary, you could put a very adept person in front of foreign technology or archaic technology and he or she might not know how to use it, or at least how to use it effectively.  Most work would have to be saved as a previous version in order for it to be compatible.

All of this to say… guess what?!?!?!?

I finally got my own computer!

Well… it is the school’s computer for my use.  I was super excited to no longer have to share a computer with John!  But… the tech guys only had pirated copies of Windows, so my computer is solely in Chinese.  Also, it has no internet yet since they aren’t going to set it up until we get our own office (which has been promised to us for well over a week now… yes, I’m a little frustrated).  Which means that my computer, even though it is a good computer, it almost useless to me since I don’t speak Chinese.  I will still have to share with John while the tech guys track down a legal copy of Windows and Office and set up an internet connection.  Operating a computer based solely on icons can only get you so far… although it is amazing how far it can get you.  Let me tell you that I can recognize the characters for image from using the Chinese version of Google for research this week.

Also, John and I seem to be the most technologically advanced people here.  All of the computers are old;  some are even ancient.  No one has updated copies of Office past 2003.  This is frustrating since we prepare Powerpoint presentations to accompany our lectures to help the students understand.  Often, the alignment gets messed up and our links don’t work.  Aside from computers, the people also seem to be unaware of advanced phone technology.  Everyone uses the basic, basic phones we all used 10-15 years ago.  Trying to text is extremely irritating and slow.

I’m not trying to complain here.  Ok… maybe just a little. 🙂  But seriously, I got a free computer!  With a copy of Office!  And a free cell phone!  I need to remind myself to be more grateful.  And I need to learn Chinese like yesterday…


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