Nap time

What do Spain, Costa Rica, Columbia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and China all have in common?

Before you say Spanish, read the whole list…

Yup, China is included.

And the answer is nap time!

That’s right, all of these cultures, and many more, believe in a rest, a siesta, or a nap (the terminology isn’t really important) after lunch.  While this idea was quite foreign to me as a hardworking 8-5 US citizen, it is quite common around the world.  And given my new schedule of leaving for work at 7:30am and not returning til 5:30pm if I’m lucky, but mostly likely between 9:30 and 10pm, I am now quite a fan of snoozing right after lunch.  It’s glorious!  Especially since there is a drastic lack of caffeine in my life right now due to the tea/coffee culture clash.  Let’s just hope that this tea/coffee culture clash doesn’t lead to another  Boston Tea Party…


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