Milk Bear

The Milk Bear is just outside Walmart, located invitingly on the street corner.  It sells a variety of drinks, including tea, milk tea (or bubble tea as we know it in the States), specialty drinks and coffee.  On my first solo adventure, I ventured over and tried a strawberry drink.

On my second solo adventure, I decided that I was long overdue for trying authentic milk tea.  I like it in the States, so why not?  And if I’m going to live without real coffee for a while, I had best learn to enjoy all kinds of tea (though let’s not kid ourselves, the tea we are served with meals hardly qualifies as tea).  So, I ordered classic milk tea.  It was delicious!  And I love bubbles, or pearls as they are called here!  I decided that I was going to try all the varieties of milk tea on the menu.

The packaging at the Milk Bear is super cute!  The drinks are served in plastic cups that are covered with a seal.  After sealing the drink and shaking it to amalgamate the ingredients (I mean, I like my milk tea like James Bond likes his martinis… shaken, not stirred :)), the server pokes a giant straw through the top!  (Coffee gets small straws though since there are no bubbles.)  I keep meaning to take a picture to show you all, but I love the milk tea so much that I drink it all before I remember.  😦  Oops.  And if you want your drink to go, it is placed in a special carrying handle, which is actually quite inventive and really cool.

Along with tea, the Milk Bear also serves coffee.  I believe that all coffee outside of Starbucks  in China is made from instant coffee.  I have yet to find a place outside that proves this false.  This is also probably why Starbucks coffee is considerably more expensive than any other coffee I’ve found so far.  Anyway, the Milk Bear serves coffee.  They offer a cappuccino, a mocha latte, and a caramel macchiato.   And outside of Starbucks, it is my favorite coffee in China… although I’ll probably always get milk tea when I go there; instant coffee and I are barely friends, but we definitely aren’t close yet.  Sleep and I are much, much closer.  However, John really enjoys the coffee there.  I brought some home to him while he was working.  He greatly enjoyed his mocha latte!

The Milk Bear is super cute and fun!  And it offers a partial solution for our coffee woes.  John can get coffee.  I can substitute milk tea for coffee.  The only problem is that there isn’t anywhere to sit in or near the Milk Bear.  However, it is a local taste of Yueyang and one of the few things I enjoy about the city!


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