A Chinese Birthday!

It’s my birthday!  And since most of my family and friends are 12-15 hours behind me, I get to celebrate for 39 hours this year! 🙂

Today was nothing special – John and I had to wake up and catch a train back to Yueyang (which, while I still dislike it, is vaguely beginning to feel like home).  Once home, we grabbed a quick lunch at my favorite local restaurant – which also happens to be the only one we frequent, but its so amazing and delicious!- and unpacked, showered, and did a week’s worth of dirty laundry.

Tonight, however… tonight the fun began!  John and I went to a famous jiao zi (dumplings) restaurant to meet with the president of the college for dinner.  We weren’t sure who else would be there and were pleasantly surprised that it was just Miss Xu, her husband, and the owner of our apartment, Mr. Cheng.  The dinner was relaxed and fun, along with productive!  We discussed renewing our contracts pending the extension of our visas and staying in our current apartment through the renewal of our contract!  That was reassuring and fantastic news!  After all the work talk ceased, John decided to inform them that it was my birthday, much to my dismay.  That prompted Mr. Cheng to immediately leave the table to go buy a birthday cake for me.  Once he returned, they let us leave a little early to go enjoy the evening!

The cake arrived in a hexagonal box, which we proceeded to carry around when we went for a walk and sipped on bubble tea (aka milk tea).  A plastic bag full of candles, plates, and forks was tied to the ribbon.  Upon our return home, I opened the box to find a sponge cake topped with decorative fruit, complete with shiny metal ball sprinkles (how’s that for a mental image???).  John’s and my first reaction was “That’s a birthday cake?!?!?”.  But John put 23 candles in the cake, lit them, and sang Happy Birthday to me!  It was cute!  And the cake turned out to be pretty good too!  Although I just couldn’t bring myself to eat any of the shiny metal balls…

All in all, it was a good birthday!  I had fun at a Chinese dinner party for once!  I got to indulge in my new-found love of milk tea!  John and I enjoyed a walk through downtown Yueyang!  And I still got a birthday cake!  Oh and p.s. my age now counts up once again!  It was way too stable last year… 22 is so boring…


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One response to “A Chinese Birthday!”

  1. Cass says :

    lol I’m gonna be boring and 22 in a couple weeks. 😛

    Happy birthday Rachel! ❤

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