Most of you probably don’t know that I worked at the Gap in Rochester Hills, Michigan the summer in between freshman and sophomore years of college.  I even applied for a job at Gap (and was accepted) when I graduated from college… but I chose a 40-hour a week secretarial job instead.

And let’s be real – I love the clothes.  They fit well, which can be tricky given my 5′ 10 1/2″ frame.  Also, they make v-neck tees that I love.  I could live in v-necks and jeans.  Oh wait… since my job doesn’t have a dress code, I do live in v-necks and jeans!

Anyway, I loved working at the Gap.  And I’m learning Chinese (sloooooooooooowly).  So I have decided that it would be sweet (and motivating!) to learn Chinese well enough to work at the Gap in China.  Gap is opening stores in Beijing and Shanghai.  I found the store in Beijing (still waiting to open) on Wangfujing Pedestrian Street.  It was cool to see it in person, and not just know that it supposedly exists.

In all reality, I will probably never actually work at a Gap.  Who knows what I will do after February 17th!  But the idea is fun and it makes me smile! 🙂


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