My sweet husband, John

While we were walking to Starbucks today, John and I passed some flower vendors on the street.  After passing the third seller or so, I began to think to myself that it would be awesomely sweet of John if he would buy me flowers.  I love flowers!  And I’ve always, always wanted John to surprise me with flowers!  But I didn’t want to ask him to make such a purchase.  That would defeat any sweetness and reduce such a gift to an obligation.  So I kept my mouth shut.  Just a few moments later, he commented that he should buy me flowers some time.  I agreed, and we kept walking.

Upon our arrival at Starbucks, I went to secure a seat in the ever constantly popular and populated cafe and left John to order our standard grande lattes.  I located a couple of comfy seats and busied myself with setting up my laptop and pondering what I would write about tonight.  I only briefly looked up when John placed the lattes on the table in front of me and asked where the restroom was so he could take care of some manly business.  I answered his query without thought – around the corner, but its currently occupied – and proceeded to immerse myself into my own mind (a scary, dangerous place to be at times) while he disappeared.  After a few minutes I caught a glimpse of John out of the corner of my eye and looked up.  In his hand he held two bunches of flowers!  It was the first time he has ever made such a purchase for me!  I was delighted (and surprised)!  And the flowers smell fantastic!  He was so sweet! 🙂  Gotta love him sometimes!  (Ok, if you’re me, all the time… but the rest of you can decide I suppose…)

My surprise - flowers!



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2 responses to “Surprise!”

  1. LO says :

    If you’re me, which I am, you love this.

  2. Taneisha says :

    I love the flowers! 🙂

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