Lesson planning

I’m teaching tomorrow.  An hour and a half lesson on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I suppose I’m allowed to teach this topic because I’m the American teacher (and who better to teach than the native Thanksgiving and Christmas participant and fluent speaker of English?  At least they seem to be getting that, if only a little.  But some is better than none, right?).  However,  my job is only to help the students with their listening and speaking skills.  An insight into American culture is only a bonus, or a launching pad for these skills depending on how you want to look at it.

Despite the fact that I need a rock solid lesson plan to pull this off (especially since I have no access to media in the classroom for entertainment or distraction), I have little desire to lesson plan today.  Maybe its because I was never trained and really have no experience in the fine art of lesson planning.  Maybe its because I’m way apprehensive of teaching.  I mean, I taught by myself before when John was coerced into playing in a basketball tournament and was then sick (that’s an entirely different story altogether).  So I should be fine.  In theory.  Yeah… I still feel like I don’t know what I’m doing after a month of teaching.

So far, I have vague ideas.  I know that I want to use timelines to introduce different traditions and icons/symbols of the holidays.  And that I am going to play some kind of game or quiz.  And you know something else that will manage to fill large amounts of time…  I’m sure I could figure it out if I could just focus.  Of course that would probably involve ceasing to watch Hulu (Grey’s Anatomy and Psych) all afternoon.  And maybe a lack of blogging.  But everyone has priorities, right?  And I still have the rest of the afternoon and half the night (and a brilliant husband to bounce ideas off of!)…


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