Round 1 done!

Welp, round one of teaching 90 minute lessons on Thanksgiving and Christmas is over!

And completed with success, I must say.  I taught two classes back to back with only a 20 minute break between to walk from one classroom to the other.  While the first class was just me with the students, the second class was in a huge lecture hall with students and about half or so of the Chinese English teachers too.  The second class was far more intimidating for that reason.

In the first class (which I was almost late to due to the bus encountering heavy traffic this morning) the students were eager to see me and learn.  They interacted with me and participated in answering questions and learning Christmas carols (Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer).  I want you to just think for a second about how you would explain the notion of a reindeer to someone who barely speaks English (and doesn’t know what a deer is).  Got an idea?  Let’s just say I used a lot of body language today, but it was fun!  I even broke out my deep man voice to pretend to be Santa saying “Ho, ho, ho!”.

Getting the second class to interact or answer questions was akin to pulling their teeth.  It was especially frustrating since I knew they had the exact same abilities as the previous class since they have the same teacher and curriculum.  Yet, no one spoke.  However, I managed to make it through the lesson and by the grace of God still impress my superiors who were observing.  In fact, the only reason either class went well was because God blessed it.  So praise God that He gave me both a solid lesson and the teaching ability to pull it off!  Now I just have to do it 4 more times over the next 3 weeks!


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