A glass a day keeps the doctor away?

While reading WordPress’s Freshly Pressed blogs the other day, I happened upon an interesting article discussing the risks of drinking alcohol while pregnant.  According to a new study, drinking wine might actually be good for pregnant moms, or at least not harmful.

Now, don’t freak out.  I am NOT pregnant.  Nor do I hope or want to be for at least 3 years.  Trust me, I have absolutely zero desire to be pregnant, give birth, and raise a child in China.  No, no, no!

Anyway, reading this article and discussing it with John made me think of the other advantages to drinking red wine.  I’ve heard it is heart healthy to drink a small glass every evening.  So I researched it.  And apparently it is thought to be heart healthy – reducing “bad” cholesterol (good news since my cholesterol is exceedingly high…. like more than twice what it should be :(), protecting the lining of blood vessels, and preventing blood clots.

But did you know that it can also help women stay slim and not gain excessive weight?  I was just as surprised as you are!

Since John and I both enjoy a glass of red wine, we have decided to indulge in a small glass every night for obvious health reasons!  Given the Chinese people’s love of drinking, it wasn’t hard to track down a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.  And at 28 yuan per bottle ($4.21 USD), it was also downright cheap.  The problem lay in finding a corkscrew with which to open the bottle.  The local supermarket didn’t sell them.  So we tried the corner store on the way home.  While they didn’t sell a corkscrew to us, they did just open the bottle for us!  Hip hip hooray for Chinese hospitality and friendliness!

P.S.  Even though the wine was cheap, it was still quite delicious!  Much, much better than a cheap wine in the States!


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One response to “A glass a day keeps the doctor away?”

  1. Taneisha says :

    At first I was like “whoa, whoa wait……I know she is not pregnant!” LOL!!!!! I want some red wine now 🙂

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