Relative reality

I vividly remember claiming that Texans didn’t know what the definition of cold is because the students from Texas in my online class in high school kept complaining that it was freezing at 55 degrees F, while the temperature outside the window next to me was a brisk 10 degrees F.

If I had known then that I myself would be complaining that it was freezing cold at 55 degrees F, I would have laughed at my future self.  Nonsense.  The literal definition of freezing is 32 degrees F.  Anything warmer than that is simply cold.  And since I grew up in the northern Midwest, I know what freezing is.  The temperature drops to sub-zero degrees with the wind chill plummeting even lower.

Now that is freezing.

Yet I know find myself identifying with the Texans and remembering that reality is relative and subjective to perception.  After adjusting to the 90+ degree heat that the Chinese called the beginning of fall (seriously, it shouldn’t be allowed to be that hot in September), the recent decline in temperature, combined with the Blowing Green (I mean, Bowling Green) like wind and rain, felt flat out felt freezing today even though it was 55 degrees F.  Now on the upside, it doesn’t actually drop below zero here (at least not in Fahrenheit), so I should be able to survive winter without much difficulty or hypothermia.  But still, today was quite the reminder that reality is relative.

Life may not actually be what it seems.


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    If you want a reverse view of this, check out

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