The knock on the door

I was sitting in my office yesterday afternoon, blogging, when I heard a knock on the door.  I called for the person to come in, but when they didn’t, I figured that it wasn’t one of my fellow English teachers or any of the students.  It was someone who doesn’t speak English.

So I opened the door and saw a nice lady with a handful of money and a chart of people’s names and amounts of money in Chinese.  She started to explain why she was here, but I couldn’t understand.  All I could think of were two scenarios.

360 RMB (~$53.87 USD)

One – she was handing us our salary in advance for some unknown bizarre reason.

Two – she was collecting money from everyone, and I didn’t have that much with me.

But alas, the English teacher down the hall came to our rescue and translated.  The nice lady was in my office to give me 360 yuan (~$53.87 USD) because I was a woman teaching in the college.  I was caught totally off guard.  But pleasantly so. 🙂 While it makes no sense whatsoever, I am grateful for the money.  And really… I shouldn’t have been surprised.  I am living in China after all.  Strange things happen regularly.


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