Cream Puffs

One of the things that I love about living in China is the sheer number of bakeries that exist along the streets, squished in between pharmacies, clothing stores, restaurants, bank, and little stores no wider than an alleyway that sell any variety of merchandise.  Now because of China’s high population (1.3 billion) there is just a lot of everything around here.  There are four or five hair salons on the street near our apartment alone.  But anyway, there are always tons of bakeries – ranging from little open air shops to large bakeries with fancy cakes displayed in the windows.  I love it!

Chinese Cream Puffs

I love taking walks through the city, stopping randomly at bakeries to taste the pastries.  My recent obsession has been with cream puffs, perhaps because I am rereading Eat, Pray, Love again and again since John is reading the only other English books I brought over.  In Eat, Pray, Love the author describes how manly men stop by bakeries after soccer games and eat cream puffs.  With cream puffs on the subconscious, I have now tried them at several bakeries around the city.  They are delicious!

Usually, I pick out just two or three to try and continue on my walk.  However, there is one bakery that John and I visited the other day that sold us cream puffs by the kilo.  The first time we stopped there, we walked away with an entire kilo of cream puffs.  The second time we stopped there, we tried to explain that we only wanted a handful, maybe half a kilo.  And we got a kilo and a half!  Needless to say, we are now both cream puffed out for a while.  The cream puffs at that bakery were some of the best I’ve ever had, but now I’ve had too many.  Oh well… they were delicious!  I guess I’ll try something new next!

John holding a kilo of Chinese cream puffs


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