Re qiao ke li

One of my favorite ways to spend my many days off of work is to go to the McDonalds near the train station to sit and read for hours before sauntering around Yueyang for a while (sometimes John accompanies me).  Since the Chinese notion of coffee is deplorable (I’ve tried it!), I have decided to enjoy hot chocolate during these afternoons.

While they didn’t have hot chocolate in October, the beginning of November brought hot chocolate with it!  And in stark contrast to their coffee, the hot chocolate at McDonalds is quite delicious!  Some of the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted in fact!  So now I can enjoy my afternoons reading for long hours warmed by a tasty cup of hot chocolate!

Re qiao ke li at McDonalds

I can even order hot chocolate in Chinese, much to the relief of the cashier, who by now recognizes me (and pulls out the picture menu in anticipation).  Hot chocolate in Mandarin is re qiao ke li.  Re means hot.  Qiao ke li is chocolate – it even sounds like chocolate more or less.  Slowly, a little by little, I am learning Chinese!  And not gonna lie… I’m proud of myself and incredibly grateful that God has blessed me with the ability to pick up languages easily.  Re qiao ke li down.  Many, many more words and phrases to go!  But for now, I’m pretty content with my quiet afternoons reading with a fantastic cup of hot chocolate!


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