A Chinese talent show

When we were asked earlier this week to perform at a ceremony following a two day Olympic-type sporting event at the college, we hesitantly agreed.  We still don’t exactly know what falls under our contract and what we can say no to, so we wind up doing a lot of random things like performing for ceremonies.

When Friday came, we dreaded going to the ceremony.  We knew nothing about it.  Not when.  Not how long it was to be.  Not what our roles were (we had been surprised the day before when during the middle of an awards ceremony we were told to hand out awards that were written in Chinese…).  Nothing.  So I picked a poem, John selected a song, and we rehearsed an Abbott and Costello skit, Who’s on First.  Thankfully, Mrs. Wang called us and told us to come to the college between 2-5pm to rehearse.  Once there, we learned that the ceremony was actually a talent show and that it would begin at 7pm (and to our relief, there was transportation provided back home too).  Mrs. Wang also told us exactly what we needed to do, which we appreciated very much.

Once 7pm arrived, we were quite surprised by the show!  It was mostly teachers and some students performing a variety of acts – from singing to dancing to traditional plays to skits to beat-boxing.  Yes, there was a Chinese beat-boxer.  And from what I could tell (I was backstage by this point), he was good.  I read Riprap by Gary Snyder.  John sang Let it Snow.  And then we performed our skit.  I was nervous because most of the audience doesn’t speak English.  But it seemed to go over well, even if they couldn’t understand.  I have a new appreciation for physical comedy and using body language to communicate.  You wouldn’t believe how expressive I have become!

All in all, it was quite a fun evening!  I’m so glad we chose to participate!


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