After months of forgetting to download iTunes onto my new Chinese computer and then uploading music from my external hard drive, I finally have access to my music once more!  I forgot how much I love listening to music while I write, blog, facebook, etc in my apartment in Yueyang.  It is very comforting to hear my favorite artists after being exposed to Chinese traditional and popular music all of the time.  The only Western music we hear in China is in Walmart, KFC, and occasionally McDonalds.  And that Western music is old… think Celine Dion and the Titanic old.  Or at least last year if Lady Gaga or Kesha’s Tik Tok somehow make it into the mix.

And to top off my excitement about music, I found an iTunes gift card in my closet while cleaning yesterday.  It was a gift from my wedding (which seems like forever ago in a different life – or at least a different world).  So I consulted John as to what we should purchase with said gift card.  And he really didn’t care since is not the music aficionado that I am.  Given the choice of any music whatsoever (since I can access iTunes USA thanks to my VPN), I decided upon Maroon 5’s Hands All Over and Hillsong’s Con Todo.

I’ll let that sink in for a second.

Yes, I do realize that these two may indeed seem like an odd pairing, but they are both artists that I enjoy.  I love Hillsong’s worship music – between the actual artistry behind the music and the powerful lyrics, I really connect with it (instead of abhorring or dreading it as I sadly do with some worship music).  And I’m trying to keep up with my Spanish, since I eventually want to live in (or at the very least visit) a Spanish-speaking country, namely Spain.  As for the Maroon 5, I must admit that I do entirely love Maroon 5.  Having heard the first hit from the album right before I left the States, I decided after previewing on iTunes that this album would be a nice addition to my library.   And it is.  There is a sweet beat to many of the songs, without going over the top and being the hip-hop/rap that John dislikes and with which I have a mostly love, sometimes hate relationship.  Although I begrudgingly concede that living in a country that highly values harmony has not left me in the mood to listen to such music all that often.  I am not worried though.  A return to the States will normalize my eclectic music taste if that is actually possible.

Anyway, longish story short, I have new music!  And I love it!  Hooray for music and familiarity!


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