All chopped off

Before - long, ratty hair

I’ve needed a haircut since a few weeks after our arrival.  But, getting my hair cut in the States is stressful since many stylists don’t know how to cut my curly hair.  So getting my hair cut in China where I can’t even communicate with the stylist sounded like a nightmare waiting to happen.

Needless to say, I put it off.

And put it off.

And procrastinated some more.

Until my hair had grown 4 inches longer than I normally wear it and the ends were getting split and gross.

So finally, I asked Mrs. Wang to write some instructions for a stylist.  Please cut 10cm off of my hair and layer it.  With much trepidation (after about another week of procrastination), I finally walked into a hair salon today only to be confronted with a barrage of questions that were totally incomprehensible Chinese.  I showed them the instructions, and after failed attempts to communicate, the receptionist showed me to a seat.  After a few moments of nervous waiting, a nice and equally nervous girl led me to the back to wash my hair.

On a side note:  For some reason, the Chinese do not understand having naturally curly hair.  They all think it is permed!  So she washed my hair with special shampoo for perms.  No harm done thankfully!

After - fresh, bouncy curls!

Once my hair was washed and wrapped into a sweet towel turban, she led me to a seat and proceeded to give me a head, back, arms, and hand massage.  While this was a bit strange, I’ve become more or less accustomed to the fact that the Chinese like their massages and that they do not have the same sense of personal space that Americans enjoy.  With the massage completed, I was led to another chair where I finally had to try to explain what I wanted to the stylist.  Thankfully my instructions were entirely helpful!  The stylist (a gay man – and I’ve heard gay men give the best haircuts!  I’m inclined to agree!) gave me a perfect haircut!  It was perfect and exactly what I wanted!  I couldn’t have been happier!

Going to get my hair cut was probably the scariest thing that I have attempted in China.  But it was incredibly worth it!  All the nastiness gone, and the language barriers seem a little less daunting every time I interact with the Chinese!


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2 responses to “All chopped off”

  1. Emily says :

    He did a wonderful job cutting your hair! How much did it cost? My father-in-law works in China a good chunk of the year and everything is so cheap where he is. 🙂 Good job for going and being brave! 🙂

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