Its Christmas time in the city!

Or at least in the one Starbucks in the Hunan Province!

Since it stubbornly remains between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit around here and the leaves won’t even change colors, it hasn’t felt much like fall, let alone winter here in Yueyang.  And since the Chinese don’t officially celebrate Christmas, there is a definite lack of Christmas-themed decoration (or even winter-themed decoration) here.

However, when I was walking up to the Starbucks in Changsha yesterday I saw wreaths adorning their doors.  It made me instantly happy (even more happy than just getting coffee!)!  The inside of the store was decorated in typical Starbucks style with evergreen branches and ornaments draped on the menu, Christmas mugs lining the shelves, and snowflakes in the windows.  It was beautiful!

While their idea of Christmas specialty drinks are normal drinks in the US (or at least not the typical Christmas specialty drinks), toffee nut lattes and dark cherry mochas, they did brew Christmas blend.  And our lattes were in Christmas cups!  So exciting!  My favorite aspect about Starbucks in comparison to other Western restaurants is that it is thoroughly American.  It hasn’t altered its menu to cater to the Chinese taste buds.  It offers the same menu, albeit abbreviated, as it does in the States.  It decorates for Christmas.  It even has a Western-style toilet, which is not standard in Western restaurants.  I do love Starbucks!  Probably now more than before!  Maybe I’ll try to work at a Starbucks next… until then, I’m going to delight in occasional dates to the Starbucks in Changsha and enjoy their Christmas decor!


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