Sometimes jolly, never green. Always a giant (in China)!

While shopping in Changsha this week, I felt a kinship with the jolly green giant.  I am sometimes jolly, but never green.  However, in China, I am always a giant!

I have lost weight since my arrival in China, and my pants are beginning to fall off my body unless I cinch my belt causing them to buckle, which is gross.  So I decided to look for a new pair along with a wool pea coat and possibly a sweater.  But after searching for hours (literally) and trying on quite a few pairs of jeans and several coats, I finally realized that I am a giant in China.

The pants were all still too small or inches too short.  I may lose more weight, but I am not going to shrink anytime soon.

As for the coat…well, my shoulders aren’t going to be shrinking either, which means that I will never fit into a women’s coat in China.  Not even an XXL.

And my arms are simply too long for any women’s sweater in China as well.

I did try some men’s coats on… but they are cut for me and pulled awkwardly over my chest.

So for now… I will be cinching my belt and layering my clothes.  Thankfully, it doesn’t really get all that cold here – the winter lows are still supposed to be in the 40s F.  And for jeans… well if I lose more weight… I’ll just have to bite the proverbial bullet and order them from the States.  Worse things have definitely happened!


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