A delightful morning

This morning has been altogether delightful!  I slept in until 8:30am, took a long shower, and folded some laundry before I bundled up to wander outside.

Once outside, I could finally see my breath!  It is the first time this year!  Fall is finally here!  The leaves are slowly beginning to turn colors, or at least just die…

I was able to get pastries from the bakery down the street, which I enjoyed at home with a cup of coffee!  (Sadly, I always forget to take pictures of food before I indulge… :()

At home again, I ate my breakfast and read for a while before I began catching up with friends and writing.  Such a good morning!


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3 responses to “A delightful morning”

  1. Slamdunk says :

    Sounds like a great morning. Anytime with pastries is good in my opinion.

  2. Lo says :

    Sounds perfect to me. Pastries are so Rachel.

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