Free gift with purchase

Today I went shopping in Yueyang!  While it is not Changsha – or even Toledo, Ohio – I was able to enjoy myself and find what I was looking for!

I needed new shirts for two very different reasons.  The first reason is that I have lost weight since my arrival in China; consequently, all of my v-necks and tees are baggy and hanging awkwardly on my body.  In addition to my being smaller, our delightful Chinese washing machine has beaten, rung, twisted, pulled, and essentially destroyed anything knit (like my v-necks and tees).  So I needed some long sleeve shirts to wear now that the weather has finally turned cold here.

Not surprisingly, women’s shirts are too small for me, so I went to the men’s department at Metersbonwe.  And I found two button-down shirts!  They don’t fit perfectly, but they fit quite well!  Honestly… they fit better than the women’s button-downs from Gap that I own.

I also was in search of a puffy down vest to wear.  Since all of the coats here are either too small or too masculine and awkward, I decided to just layer my puffy vest over my hoodie, sweaters, and jacket this winter.

Once again, the men’s department at Metersbonwe came to my rescue!  I found a purple puffy down vest with a detachable hood that also reverses to a purple and black plaid should I ever desire to be more edgy.  Thankfully, the clothing here is a bit more androgynous and the men like to wear purple!

Is it a snuggie? Or a teddy bear? Neither! Its a blanket!

In high spirits due to a successful shopping excursion, I went to pay for my finds.  The clerk at the register started avidly talking to me in Chinese but quickly caught on to the fact that Wǒ bù  dǒng Pǔtōnghuà (I don’t know Chinese).  So she rang up my purchase (hooray for discounts!) and gave me what looked like a pink Chinese snuggie too.  After realizing that this was a free gift with my purchase, I couldn’t wait to get home and figure out what exactly it was.  As it turns out (as I discovered upon my return home) that it wasn’t a snuggie.  But it was a cozy fleece throw which I could definitely use since the heating methods in China are not quite what they are in the States.

All in all, quite a fantastic day!  I found the clothes I need (for less than I expected to pay) AND got a free gift with purchase!


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