And the daily lunch special is…

potatoes mixed with peppers and a few scraps of pork over a bed of rice all served in a clay pot!

Clay pot lunch

This, my friends, is the standard lunch that I eat at school.  Not because I have to, but because I want to.  It is my favorite – I’ve also tried green beans, carrots, and cauliflower.  And asparagus once, but that was because there was a a mistake in the order.  I really hate asparagus.  Just ask my mom.  Anyway… they don’t frequently have green beans; cauliflower mixed with peppers cooked in Chinese sauce is revoltingly disgusting; and carrots come with more eggplant (which is limp and looks like eel though I can admit that I don’t mind the taste terribly) than actual carrots; so potatoes are really my best option anyway.

Close-up of potatoes and peppers

And I’m not gonna lie… though my taste buds were at first obliterated by the shock of spiciness inherent to food in the Hunan Province, I now believe that Chinese food (at least from Hunan) isn’t good unless my mouth feels like it is burning.  The days that the cook adds lots of peppers are my favorite.

(In addition to my mouth burning, my sinuses are also cleared by the spiciness, which is comforting since the pollution here frequently causes congestion.)

Burning mouth and cleared sinuses… what’s not to love?  I look forward to my lunches at school!  And not just because they are a welcome change of pace from our standard fare at the noodle shop.  🙂


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