Catching the school bus

On days that John and I teach, we have to catch the school bus.  It is kind of ironic, since both John and I were homeschooled and never ever had to wait to catch the bus in the mornings.  We’re just making up for lost time now or something like that I suppose.

Hunan Petrochemical Vocational Technology College School Bus

Anyway, the bus is a color that is best described (after some debate) as the color of split pea soup, rather than the traditional bright, sunny yellow.  It is quite comfortable.  We even have our own assigned seats so we are always guaranteed a seat.  The bus used to arrive exactly at 7:37am.  And at the beginning we used to arrive at the bus stop to wait with our coworkers no later than 7:30am.  But as time has gone on, we been cutting it closer and closer since we both enjoy our sleep in the mornings!  One morning last week, we walked up as the bus pulled up.  This is also partially due to the fact that our bus driver has begun

The throne of the "Emperor of the Road" aka the school bus

to think of himself as the “Emperor of the Road” after taking a day off about a month ago and now manically hurtles the bus through crazy traffic as if it were a tiny motorcycle with the ability to navigate small spaces (which I can assure you it’s not).  Our bus driver’s new found enthusiasm has led to the even earlier arrival time of 7:34am.  While 3 minutes doesn’t sound like much, I can promise you that it makes all the difference when 6 flights of stairs are involved.

So long story short, John and I were walking down the street to the bus stop this morning when the bus roared past us.  My heart sank as I realized that we were going to have to go wait up to a half an hour to be crammed onto a public bus in order to get to school.  But my spirits were lifted by the sound of the bus screeching to a halt to let us on!  One of our new students (we are teaching the faculty of the college now) saw us and asked the bus to stop.  The driver was surprisingly amused and motioned for us to quickly climb aboard.  Our colleagues were also highly entertained by the situation.  I’m just thankful we caught the bus.  Providing comedic entertainment was only an added benefit!  We should probably make it to the bus stop a bit earlier in the future!


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