Living room or bedroom?

We have a pretty sweet living room – a huge brown leather sectional couch and a big screen TV with a surround sound system.  I spend many hours curled up on the couch watching movies, blogging, catching up with friends via facebook or Skype, and catching up on shows on Hulu with John.  The air conditioner even converts to a heater to keep our living room nice and toasty.

However, this is not all we use our living room for.  Whenever one of us has the misfortune of catching a Chinese cold (intense colds since the cold strains are becoming stronger and stronger as they develop to resist the antibiotics the Chinese distribute like candy), we transform our cozy living room into a bedroom.  You see, our bed is a typical Chinese bed, which means that it is quite hard and flat to promote good posture (it works; my posture has improved since I started sleeping on that bed).  Unfortunately this makes it difficult to sleep when we need to prop our heads up so that we can breathe.  Thus, the transformation from living room to bedroom.  Our couch makes a fantastic bed!  And we sleep soundly through the night. 🙂


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