A Chinese foot massage

After our Thanksgiving dinner, we were invited (and by invited I mean begged, pleaded with, and coerced into agreeing) to join our colleagues for a foot massage.  We agreed to go and walked to the massage parlor next door to the restaurant.  Much to my relief, the massages were given in groups.  There were eight of us together in the room.

We sat down on red recliners and watched with great curiosity as they filled wooden tubs with hot water and set towels out on ottomans with great precision.  They then took our shoes off and submerged our feet into the hot water.  And by hot water, I mean scalding water.  I was losing feeling in my feet it was so hot.  They had to get cold water to add to our buckets because we couldn’t keep our feet in the scalding water.  While our feet were soaking, they massaged our shoulder blades, arms, and hands.  Then they massaged lotion into our legs and feet.

On a side note, two of our colleagues had to have the calluses shaved off their feet because they, like most Chinese women, wear heels.  They were both very jealous that the skin on my feet was smooth because I wear Pumas everyday.  And also of the fact that my feet are “beautiful”, whatever that means.

After the foot and calf massage, they washed our feet then proceeded to massage our legs (much higher than I was comfortable with – he pressed his hands against my hip sockets) before having us turn over to massage our backs, neck, and down our legs once more.  I must admit, I was very relaxed.  A tad uncomfortable with how much of my upper thighs, hips, and butt he touched, but nonetheless relaxed.  I was just thankful my massage didn’t have a happy ending, as the couples massage one of our colleagues had with another colleague’s husband seemed to have.  Even thinking about that is just awkward.  Regardless, I was thoroughly relaxed and more or less enjoyed the experience!


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