I love Skype!  I use it to communicate with my family and friends almost every single day.  I can use the chat function when my internet is too slow or I want to hold multiple conversations.  Or I can actually use it as a phone and talk with them and hear them (though this usually only happens at work)!  I can even see them if we use video.  And if I really want to, I can even buy Skype credit to call real phone numbers if I need to talk to someone specifically.

Having Skype has proven invaluable because it is not blocked by the government here in China; I can use it even when I cannot access facebook, Twitter, or WordPress.  This morning I got to chat with my Grandma!  I absolutely love that I have been getting to know her better recently and always look forward  to catching her on Skype so we can chat!  So good!  Catching my loved ones on Skype always brightens my day! 🙂  I feel very much less isolated when I can connect with people via Skype.  It is a fantastic communication tool around the world!


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