Carry out from the canteen

For lunch most days at school we eat clay pot lunches.  They are delicious!  However, you do have to order them between 10am and 11:30am.  Also, eating the same thing can become a bit repetitive regardless of how good the food is.

So today, we decided to go to the school’s cafeteria, known as the canteen for some reason, for lunch.  In the past we have always had to sit and eat there because we didn’t know how to say that we wanted the food to go.  And while we still didn’t know, we saw some carry out boxes sitting on the counter and pointed to them to indicate that we wanted our food to go.  Thankfully, they understood, and we took our food back to the office!

On a side note:  While we ask for food “to go” and call it “carry out”, the Chinese (when they speak English) call it “take away”.  Interesting, huh?

Anyway, today’s lunch consisted of pork and celery in a delicious though unknown sauce with rice for me and beef with cucumbers in an also delicious and unknown sauce with rice for John.  The food was fantastic, as well as a welcome relief from the normal routine!

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4 responses to “Carry out from the canteen”

  1. Emily says :

    YUM! Now I’m hungry…thanks a lot! 🙂 So glad you’ve found a new type of “eats.”

  2. Lo says :

    Your pictures are jumping around now! That’s super fancy, interactive, and exciting. Lol, I’m easily impressed, apparently.

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