While China doesn’t recognize Christmas as a national holiday, it does recognize it as an international day.  And according to our colleagues and friends, celebrating Christmas is becoming increasingly popular with the younger generation (as are many other Western things like McDonalds judging by the ever-expanding waistlines of the younger-than-30 crowd).

Much to my delight, this means that I have seen two “Merry Christmas” banners in the windows of shopping malls (though one is for 2011), a Christmas tree in McDonalds (have I mentioned that I too frequent McDonalds when craving salt or protein?), and as I mentioned earlier, Starbucks was all decked out for Christmas too!

I must admit that I was surprised to see Christmas decor around Yueyang, mostly because it didn’t show up until December.  I am so used to Christmas hype starting earlier and earlier in November that I assumed Chrismerations (Christmas decorations according to Lo) were a lost cause here.  But no!  Chrismerations are alive and well – Walmart even had a Christmas tree section!  And yes, I was so excited that John bought me a tree (more on that later, I promise!)!  Anyway, Christmas is here in China, and it makes me feel just a little less isolated. 🙂

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4 responses to “Chrismerations”

  1. Lo says :

    adorable! Love that you’re getting a taste of Christmas there too!!

  2. Joshua Moody says :

    Christmas = commercialism…. which is something every country and people in the world can get into. =)

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