A Charlie Brown Christmas tree

While wandering around Walmart a few days ago, John and I turned the corner to find Christmas trees!  There were five of them on display, two baby trees for only $19.80 RMB ($3 USD), a big tree for $500 RMB ($75.75 USD), and two largeish trees with poinsettias in them (a look I don’t care for at all).  The wall next to the trees was covered in a wide variety of ornaments, Santa Claus hats, and lights.  Seeing the Christmas decorations was such a pleasant surprise, and I immediately got super excited for Christmas!

Upon seeing my delight and after hearing me talk and talk and talk about the Christmas trees, John decided that we could get a Christmas tree for our apartment.  We decided upon the small, cheap tree since we aren’t home all that often and we will be leaving it behind when we return to the States.  Since we picked the small Charlie Brown tree, we selected a few small ornaments and some colorful lights.

At home with our Christmas tree, we decorated while wearing Santa hats that John insisted upon buying.  To my mortification, he decided to film the experience, which I’m sure he’ll post to facebook or Youtube (or maybe even sinoguide.net).  We had a lot of fun fluffing the fake tree to actually resemble a tree; discovering that the lights have multiple different modes including schizo blinking mode, fading mode, standard, slow blinking, etc; and hanging the few ornaments on the tree.  It is gorgeous, including the super long extended tree top!  I love our little taste of home!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A note on the pictures – the first few are of the completed tree, along with several close-ups of the ornaments.  After that though… all the pictures of the red ornament are trying to give an impression of the many different light settings.  Feel free to skip them after seeing a couple if you wish.


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3 responses to “A Charlie Brown Christmas tree”

  1. Joshua Moody says :

    Have those pictures you mention (or video) been posted yet?

  2. Rachel says :

    Not quite yet… apparently he is in the process of editing it! I’ll keep you updated!

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