Mandarin oranges

Growing up, I always loved to eat Mandarin oranges.  They were a special treat in our household, usually only when my mother was making a specialty salad (which I still love!).  Unlike huge navel oranges, or even clementines, Mandarin oranges are always sweet and juicy.  The only sadness was that they were always canned since I grew up in the States and not China.

Guess what?  I’m in China now!  And you wanna know what that means?  In addition to an entire life change, culture shift, broadened perspective and other life adjustments, I now can eat real Mandarin oranges (because that is obviously what is most important ;))!

They sell them everywhere!  From the little peasant farming apartment complex community I live in (don’t ask how that works) to Walmart to the streets and grocery stores of Yueyang, Mandarin oranges can be found everywhere!  And they are delicious!  For the past three days, John and I have eaten over a kilo (yes, I think in kilos, centimeters, and Celsius degrees now – never fear though, my conversion skills are amazing) of Mandarin oranges a day.  And for roughly 5 yuan (~$0.75 USD), I can’t resist!  They are the perfect healthy, tasty snack!

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