Yueyang Tower

After living in Yueyang, China for a little over three months, John and I finally went to visit the “famous” Yueyang Tower last Saturday.  We were shown around by our Chinese friend, Sam, and his mother.

From what I gathered, Yueyang Tower has had quite a long history.  There are five replicas of the tower during the five dynasties of its history prior to its current state situated on an island around a stream.  Apparently each dynasty decided to remodel the tower.  It was actually kinda cool to see how the tower has changed throughout its several thousand year history.

The actual tower was red, since it was recently renovated in some sort of beautify-China-for-tourists project.  Sadly, it was not quite as impressive as in its former days (at least in my opinion, but then again I lack the appreciation of growing up with the magnificent sense of China’s history and culture).  But I did get some sweet shots of the tower and the park surrounding it.

All in all, it was a fun afternoon.  We got to see more of Yueyang!  And hang out with a Chinese friend!

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http://picasaweb.google.com/buckingham.rachel for more pictures!


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2 responses to “Yueyang Tower”

  1. Joshua Moody says :

    Wow, it’s beautiful… in all the stages… I like the Song Dynasty version the best… looks like a lovely but threatening insect.

    One thing that majorly sucks about seeing ancient architecture in Korea is that most of it isn’t really ancient. Every time Japan came into Korea, they knocked over their temples, fortresses, palaces, etc. The Koreans would rebuild, the Japanese would come back, the Koreans would rebuild, etc. The most recent round of Japanese occupation ended with WWII, so many of the “old” buildings are restorations dating back only 50-60 years.

  2. Rachel says :

    Wow that is sad and unfortunate. China does have some beautiful old architecture to accompany its very long history. It makes the history of the US and its monuments seem short and a little … pretentious perhaps? Though that’s not exactly the word that is eluding me. Anyway, China’s history is impressive, and its architecture is majestic.

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