Last night I had a strange realization.

Let me back up for just a second.  My Grandma is amazing!  She is supportive and encouraging!  And she sent a massive care package to us containing coffee, filters, bags of Chex Mix, Cheez-its, Mac ‘n’ Cheese, pretzels, Twizzlers, and other snacks.  This was truly an awesome gift.

One night after receiving the package, John and I enjoyed a bag of regular Chex Mix while watching a movie.  It was phenomenal!  So last night, we broke out the bag of “Bold” flavored Chex Mix.  About halfway through eating it, I realized that it didn’t taste “Bold” to me at all.  This was, of course, due to no fault of the Chex Mix.  It is rather the outcome of living and eating in southern China, particularly the Hunan Province, for the past three and a half months.  The people from Hunan absolutely love their food spicy.  And I mean spicy like you have never experienced before.  I have literally cried from eating some of the dishes here.  So in comparison, while I assume that the Chex Mix would taste “Bold” to the average consumer, it was not at all “Bold” to me or John.  Never fear, it was still quite delicious!  Just more of a regular Chex Mix delight than an extra spicy one.  Quite a treat nonetheless! 🙂


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