Orange flesh

While grocery shopping, I noticed something quite strange.  I was in the beverage aisle, picking up the four water bottles we drink every day (John drinks 1, I drink 3).  John loves to drink this green tea that he claims is better than Arizona green tea, so I looked around for some to get for him.  As I was scanning the shelves, I noticed that the grocery store sells “orange flesh” between the apple-flavored milk (yes, you read that correctly) and the Tropicana orange juice.

Orange flesh?


After laughing to myself about the Chinglish translation (a common delight – most outrageous was “chips of burning flesh“), I took a closer look.  Upon inspection I found that the “orange flesh” juice has a lot of sedimentary pulp at the bottom.  So I suppose I can understand orange flesh… though it is called pulp and we really do drink juice with pulp in it – not just pulp.  Or maybe they do drink just pulp here; after all, it is China and try as I may, I will never fully understand all that happens here.  But it’s not all bad.  Apple-flavored milk isn’t horrible.  And pulp is supposedly good for you.  So perhaps I’ll try the orange flesh one day.  It should be like drinking a liquid orange, which is what juice is, right?


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