Drippity drop

Drippity drop goes our water.

You see, we haven’t had water in our apartment since early Wednesday afternoon (and it is now late Friday afternoon).

Apparently, as we found out just today, the water main pipes are being repaired or something like that.  Which is all fine and good, except that we haven’t showered since Wednesday morning.  And while I can be very creative in hiding greasy hair, I would love a shower.  And water to make tea.  Yup.

Here’s to hoping our water is back on when we get home!  Otherwise we might have to go downtown and get a hotel room for an hour or two to take showers… that is why they have those hourly rates, right? 😉



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4 responses to “Drippity drop”

  1. Lo says :

    Yes, Rachel. That’s exactly why they have hourly rates. 😉

    • Rachel says :

      I thought so! See, I’m a genius 🙂

      And even if there is another reason, which I HIGHLY suspect there is, I’m married.

  2. timkeen40 says :

    I think the hourly rates are disgusting. I would never pay for a shower. HA!!!!

    • Rachel says :

      I tend to think the hourly rates are disgusting too. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. And while I certainly don’t want to pay for a shower, I would if I hadn’t showered in 4 days. Thankfully, the water was turned on again, and I got to shower at home!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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