Green eggs and ham… and apple juice?

I really dislike food that is not the color it is naturally.  I always have.  (The exception to this is frosting.  I know when you make it, it is white.  It is ok to add food coloring.  The world would be boring with all white cakes, cookies, and cupcakes.)

For example, in kindergarten, I refused to eat the green eggs and ham that were brought into class on the day we read Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham.

And since that experience (perhaps that was the traumatic beginning of it all) I have been very wary of food that is not the color I think it should be.  Like the green and purple ketchup phase from a few years ago.  Gross.  Ketchup is red because tomatoes are red.  Tomatoes are never purple.  And the only green ones I know of are either unripe or fried.  Usually this isn’t a big issue, but I am now in China.

Enter green apple juice.

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While I know that there are green apples (I even really like green apples), apple juice is not supposed green.  It is NEVER green.  But there it was – green apple juice sitting on the shelf at the grocery store, simultaneously grossing me out and tempting to try it.  Since my husband decided that it did intrigue him, we bought it.  And he drank all of it except for the small sip that I convinced myself to try after a few days of seeing it in the fridge.  It tasted a vaguely like cider, but had the consistency of amoxicillin.  Yuck.  I decided not to have any more.  I was, however, proud of myself for at least trying it.  With kindergarten being about 18 years behind me, I figured it was time to be brave again.  After all, I am in China – a world full of new experiences awaits the brave.



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2 responses to “Green eggs and ham… and apple juice?”

  1. timkeen40 says :

    Surely if you have conquered green apple juice, purple ketchup can not be far behind.
    Line those fears up knock ’em down.

    Good post. Very insightful.

    • Rachel says :

      Thanks for the encouragement! I will certainly try to be more adventurous in my eating! Though I may no promises regarding eel, tortoise, snake, pigeon, or whole fish…

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