Good to the last grain

At the beginning of my adventures yesterday, I went to the noodleteria to enjoy some niu rou chao fan (beef fried rice) for lunch.

Niu rou chao fan

It was delicious!  The noodleteria has the best fried rice that I have found so far in Yueyang.  It’s got the standard rice (obviously), carrots, a little cabbage, and hot green peppers.  While these peppers are not super spicy, they give the chao fan a little kick, which I enjoy after growing accustomed to the spiciness of the Hunan Province.  Anyway, I ate it all!

Too clean in China; not clean enough in America

Well, almost all of it.  It is impossibly hard to eat every single last grain of rice.  And you know what?  I don’t feel bad about it.  Wanna know why?  Because the Chinese don’t finish every single last grain of rice either.  In fact, it is considered rude to finish all of the food on any plate on the table.  Why?  Because it implies to the host/hostess that they did not provide enough food.  This was quite an adjustment; I am very used to the concept of cleaning your plate.  To Americans, it shows that the food was delicious.  But not so in China.   And while the Chinese certainly do have skills with chopsticks, they don’t demonstrate them by eating the last few single  grains of rice.  Seriously though.  I ate so much of my fried rice that I would have been considered rude if I were out to eat with anyone Chinese.  I don’t care about offending myself (or even John when we got to dinner together), so I eat all I want of my meals.  Anyway, my niu rou chao fan was delicious!  A great start to my afternoon of adventures!


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