Random acts of kindness

Today I decided to head out to McDonalds for a cup of re qiao ke li (hot chocolate) and some serious writing time.  As I was walking to the bus stop, I saw the bus pull up while I was still far across the street.  I assumed that I would miss it and have to wait for the next bus, but I nevertheless hurried across the street.

And as I assumed, all of the people waiting for the bus had boarded before I was even halfway across the street.  But…

the bus driver saw me hurrying and decided to wait for me!  It made me smile! 🙂  The bus driver’s small act of kindness made my day!  I was reminded of how small actions can really affect people.  A smile, an opened door, waiting for them, etc.  It doesn’t take much to encourage people and make their day!  What acts of kindness can I show to the Chinese? Or just anyone around me?

What random acts of kindness have touched you?


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2 responses to “Random acts of kindness”

  1. genevieve! says :

    Awesome that you’re living in China :). I’ll have to follow your travels as well, and I know how this feels. It’s so great, especially when the weather is chilly!

  2. Rachel says :

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I greatly enjoy your blog (and knowing I’m not having totally crazy experiences in China!). Let’s enjoy this “tropical” winter together!

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