Cafe lattes

Ever since my Grandma sent us a care package with six pounds of coffee, filters, and a pour-over filter, we have been able to enjoy coffee whenever we want.  If we have the day off, we frequently make a cup of coffee to enjoy while we start our mornings.  I enjoy reading and writing while enjoying mine.  And when on the mornings we go to the college, we make coffee once we get to the office since we took some to school just for that reason.  I like this.  I greatly delight in coffee and will drink it black, with milk, or in a latte, so drinking coffee makes me quite happy.

However, on Sunday mornings, we have to leave to go teach at the training center of the factory associated with the college.  And we have to be there very early, which means we have to leave even earlier since it takes us a little over an hour to get there.  This means that we don’t make coffee on Sunday mornings, since neither of us wants to get up in time to make it or drink it.  It makes for rough Sunday mornings, especially since we teach highly active middle-schoolers for two hours.  But when I was at Walmart the other day, I came across pre-made cafe lattes in little plastic bottles – think like the Starbucks frappuccinos in bottles that you can find in grocery stores and gas stations.  Intrigued, I decided to buy on to try.  And it was delicious!

the Chinese "frappuccino"

Upon finishing it, I immediately decided that it was in our best interest to splurge on them (they are 5 RMB a piece, which is less than a dollar, but still expensive by our newly acquired Chinese standards) once a week for our Sunday morning… ummmmmm let’s call them adventures.  Yesterday was the first Sunday that we actually felt relaxed enough to somewhat enjoy our class rather than being intensely frustrated with their lack of respect and attention.  I didn’t even freak out when one of our most unruly students brought the largest pocket knife I have ever seen to class (thankfully he decided not to use it on us)!  Being able to take our coffee with us was fantastic!  And very much necessary!  We will definitely be enjoying these “lattes” on a weekly basis!



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