Christmas Explained

As I stated so eloquently on Christmas Day, I was drunk and eating fish on Christmas.  This is because Mrs. Wang graciously invited John and me to a traditional Chinese lunch with her friends to celebrate Christmas.  Let me explain.

Though we had intended to have a chill day at home (and were a bit apprehensive of a Chinese lunch), we accepted Mrs. Wang’s offer.  On a side note, Mrs. Wang is amazing.  She has more or less “adopted” us and looks out for us.  This is the second meal she has invited us to with her friends and family.  And her friends and family are equally welcoming to the foreigners who blunder through simple Chinese phrases and commit social faux pas frequently.  They treat as friends!  And this means a lot of drinking at meals.  The Chinese believe that toasting each other frequently is a sign of friendship and often wind up drunk after meals.  Our Christmas lunch was no exception.  Despite the fact that we ate a ton of food, John and I still wound up drunk.  And eating fish, since fish is served at nearly every traditional Chinese meal I have been to.  The vast majority of the food was Chinese, but Mrs. Wang did make sure that we had shredded potatoes and omelettes in addition to the Chinese fare because she rocks like that.  For the most part, the food was delicious!  And the company was delightful.  Mrs. Wang really did make Christmas away from home quite special for us! 🙂

After walking home in the brisk air, we continued to sober up by chilling at home for the rest of the afternoon.  For dinner, we went American and headed to McDonalds.  I know, I know, it’s not healthy.  But it is American, and we wanted a taste of home on Christmas.  We ended the evening by watching Elf, which is always funny and probably the perfect Christmas movie.  All in all, it was a fantastic, though unexpected, Christmas!


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