An evening adventure

After a pleasant afternoon at McDonalds that extended into dinnertime, I decided to snack my way through dinner and buy street food.  My first stop was the mandarin orange, water chestnut, and bamboo vendor to purchase some oranges.  These oranges are so ridiculously delicious!  However, it can be an adventure to purchase them, since I have to bargain with the vendor.  Thankfully, the vendor I approached offered me a fair price (based on what I knew Walmart was selling them for; Walmart’s produce lacks great quality) and weighed the fruit in front of me so I knew she didn’t cheat me.

My next stop was the bakery that sells cream puffs.  The past few times I have bought cream puffs, the bakery has sold them to me by the kilo.  I didn’t want a kilo of cream puffs; I just wanted enough to satisfy my sweet tooth for dessert.  So I timidly approached the man behind the counter and tried to indicate that I just wanted a few.  He didn’t understand, but he did get my motion to stop when he had put enough cream puffs in the bag.  I was glad that I wasn’t going to get sick of cream puffs from overeating them again.

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My final stop (after a trip to Walmart to buy grapefruit juice – it does amazing things for sore throats) was the outdoor restaurant that gets set up every night.  I have often walked past it, or even though it, on my way home, but I had never stopped.  It looked delicious.  Fried rice and chow mein made to order and take away (the Chinese way of saying “to go”).  I walked up and asked for “chao fan”.  The old man that I asked yelled for the chef to come.  The chef promptly asked some other patrons that were leaving to take his picture with me.  (I, of course, asked them to take a picture with my camera too!)  He was delighted that I had stopped and asked for food from his restaurant.  While cooking my fried rice, he tried to talk to me, but alas, I still don’t speak Mandarin.  Though our conversation was foiled, he was still excited that I had come and gave me my fried rice for free!   I offered to pay him, but he wouldn’t accept it.  This interaction with him brightened my day!  And his fried rice was delicious too!



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