Countdown 2.0

Our countdown seems to have changed recently, as I’m sure it will again.  We found out when we went to class last Thursday that it was the last class!  No more teaching the teachers.  They cancelled the remaining classes because it is the end of the semester, and they are busy with their classes.  That same day, we found out that our Sunday morning class was cancelled too (but just for the week).  After a bit of confusion, a business dinner, and several texts full of questions later, we finally have a bit of clarity regarding our situation.

It seems that we have five more Sundays with the urchins.  Four were scheduled on a schedule we had never seen (our schedule only said two), and one is to make up for last Sunday.  However, all of these classes won’t be on Sundays, as our employers hope to finish these classes earlier by scheduling them during the week once the kids are on break.  I have no idea when that is exactly, but I do know that it is sometime around January 20th.

We do still have one more Tuesday night on January 18th with the little munchkins.  I like them, and I will be happy to be able to say goodbye to them.  I wish there was some way that I could stay in contact with them, but my students are only 6 years old, and I don’t see any way to make that happen since their English is poor, they don’t have QQ accounts, and their parents don’t speak English.  I’ll just have to remember them fondly.

We also found out today that since we decided not to renew our visas and stay, our contract will be terminated in January.  I assume this means that we will be leaving at that time.  I don’t know when in January, or if we will be paid for February as we were promised, but it appears that we will be leaving sooner than we had expected.  I have mixed feelings about this.  While I am totally ready to be back in the States and psyched to see my friends and family again, I had been counting down the days and planning on having a bit more time to enjoy the few things I love in China.  Also this means that we won’t be able to celebrate the Chinese New Year in February, which is a bit sad as well.  However, I am convinced that visiting our friends and moving to Portland will bring about many different experiences that I will greatly enjoy!

That about sums it up for version 2.0 of the countdown!  Stay tuned for version 3.0 which will appear once I know specific dates!


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