An American in transit

Well folks, my time in Yueyang, Hunan, China has come to an end.  After five months, our contract has ended (a bit early due to Spring Festival), and we feel led to move to Portland.  This means that starting yesterday we will be in transit for the next month or so.  John and I left Yueyang yesterday morning to head to Shanghai via Wuhan and arrived after a semi-grueling fifteen hour trip.  We will be in Shanghai until Monday morning when we will catch a 10:10am flight to Port Columbus International Airport (CMH) via Detroit.  We just booked our ticket this afternoon!  Though we were ready to head out at any time, the cheapest ticket by far was for Monday, so on Monday we shall go!

Upon landing, we plan to spend about a month or so traveling around Ohio and SE Michigan visiting friends and family.  Around March, we will head back to CMH to head to PDX or Portland.  Researching and planning all this travel has led to me use airport abbreviation codes rather than city names!  Ahhh!  Once in Portland, we will probably settle there for around six months or so before beginning our next great adventure!  Don’t get me wrong, both visiting friends and family for a month and living in Portland will be adventures, they just are not aventures abroad.  To be honest, I really don’t know how long we will be in Portland, or where God will direct us next, but I do know it will be an adventure for His glory!

Stay tuned for some good old American adventures!  I have no doubt that both readjusting to American culture and moving to the West Coast (I’m a thoroughly Midwestern girl) will provide many entertaining stories!


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4 responses to “An American in transit”

  1. Andrew says :

    hurrah! see you both real soon!

  2. darrelhoff says :

    hey there, just wanna say thanks to you and your husband..
    i read ur articles in relevant magazine.
    the lust and marriage and pornography thing,

    well done for u guys being honest.
    also digging… the whole “life of adventure” you have.
    good to meet others like that.

    fellow life travellor

  3. Rachel says :

    Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you liked the articles. It’s good to meet fellow travelers! I’ll have to stop by your blog!

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