DTW, CMH, and Dayton, Ohio, USA

After a 14 hour flight yesterday from Shanghai, China (PVG), we landed in DTW (Detroit, MI) at 11:15am!  It was so surreal to be able to talk with people and read all of the signs in the airport.  We made it through immigration, customs and another TSA security checkpoint with no difficulty and headed off for Concourse C to catch our connection to CMH (Columbus, OH).

We were delayed slightly due to snow (ahhhhh snow and cold air!), but we landed in Columbus around 3:11pm!  I LOVE short flights!   And flights with leg room!  John’s parents met us at the airport and whisked us off to Taco Bell on our way to Dayton.  We pushed ourselves to stay awake as long as possible, but after about 28 hours of being awake (our Monday was 37 hours long due to the difference in time zones), we crashed at 8pm.  John woke up at 3:30am today, but I slept a full twelve hours and just woke up feeling quite refreshed and starving.

Today we are in Dayton, Ohio with John’s family.  Our plans for visiting family and friends are all very tentative for the next month or so, but I’ll keep you updated about our adventures!  My first adventure will be wandering downstairs to find some breakfast…


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