Bowling Green, Ohio, USA

After chillin with John’s family for two days, John and I hopped into the car and traversed up to Bowling Green, Ohio – the college town where we met and many of our friends still reside.  Though we arrived around 9:30pm (almost four weeks ago, my apologies for the lack of posts), several of our friends had gathered together to see us upon our arrival.  It was so good and refreshing to see everyone!

Since our friend Mal is graciously letting us stay in her spare room/office for a while, Bowling Green will be our “home base” while we write, look for work, and wait for God to show us how to get to Portland!  We have been attending Glass City Church in Toledo, OH which has been refreshing and encouraging.  I love having a community to connect with again!  I am also happy that God has placed us in a town where we have friends who support and encourage us while we wait for His direction.  Waiting isn’t easy, but I am slowly learning to trust Him more and more with every single aspect of my life.  So until He provides a way for us to move, we’ll be based in BG – though we’ll probably travel around a bit too!


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2 responses to “Bowling Green, Ohio, USA”

  1. timkeen40 says :

    Congratulations! By the way, this reply is coming to you just 20 miles south of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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