Valentine’s Day Party

John and I. I love him!

Though Valentine’s Day was Monday, my roommate Mal decided to throw a party yesterday night.  It was a grown-up dessert party; she served desserts and various kinds of alcohol, including chocolate wine and pink champagne.  She requested that all of us dress up as well.  Though dressing up isn’t always my favorite thing in the world, I didn’t mind it last night, especially since everyone else dressed up and I wasn’t the only girl in a dress.  Also, John looked pretty snazzy himself in his red dress shirt and grey pants!

Pretending we are super spies!

For the party, we tacked a black sheet to the wall in Mal’s spare bedroom so that our friend Kaycee could set up her camera for a photo shoot area.  We all had fun throughout the night taking both silly and serious pictures!

Impression of a Norman Rockwell

The party was quite enjoyable!  I had a good time preparing (cleaning and baking took all day – sugar cookies proved to be endlessly frustrating), being silly, and catching up with friends.  Happy (Late) Valentine’s Day everyone!


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