God’s faithfulness – a car, a phone, and a home

Alrighty, so my last post on God’s faithfulness detailed how God got us back to the States, though the situation looked IMPOSSIBLE.  My faith was increased immensely, and it was awesome to be able to share my struggles and my faith with my family and friends as I went through the situation and now with all of you!  This brings me to the next installment… what has happened since we’ve been back!

When we landed, our possessions consisted of one suitcase of clothes, one backpack, one tote (aka my purse), one messenger bag, and one camera bag.  Oh, and my wedding dress and a few sentimental items stored at my Grandma’s house and my journals stored in a friend’s attic.  Literally, that was (and still is) all that we owned.  It is so freeing to not be tied down by material possessions!  Anyway, we had very little and even less money.  But regardless, God has been faithful to provide.

John’s parents graciously allowed us to borrow their car for as long as we are in Ohio.  They even offered to let us keep it and take it to Portland, but we feel led to give it back to them and fly to Portland.  They have a sweet public transportation system anyway.  And more walking is just better for our health.  But for now, we have a car!  We can visit people and help friends in BG who don’t have cars.

In addition to essentially giving us a car, his parents also gave us his mom’s cell phone for as long as we need it since we couldn’t afford a phone of our own when we arrived (and frankly, we still can’t).  She recently quit her job, so she is at home where her family can reach her.  It has been awesome to have a phone to call our friends and connect with people!

For a place to live, God laid it on one of my best friend’s hearts to let us stay with her for as long as we need to stay.  She set up a queen-size air mattress in her office/spare room and has let us do laundry for the past few weeks.  She also cooks dinner for us!  She has been amazing; I’ve been really touched by her love and generosity.  God is using her for His glory!  It is awesome to see.

Though we don’t have much now (and what we have isn’t even all ours), God has been providing for our needs as they come up.  I’ve been learning to trust Him to provide for each day as it comes, something that admittedly isn’t easy for me to do.  I am confident that He will continue to provide for all our needs – from shelter to food to clothing t0 phones to money to move to Portland.  We are His children, and He loves us!


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