Snowy adventure

While I may not be the world’s biggest fan of snow (in fact, I rather dislike it), I do happen to like snowy adventures.  And by snowy adventures, I mean going on trips during snowstorms, or at least snowy conditions.  My friend Lo thinks this is ridiculous, and it probably is.  But I’m not about to let a little snow stop me from doing whatever (aka gallivanting around Toledo and/or SE Michigan running errands and enjoying local coffee shops).  I grew in Michigan; I can handle driving in snow.  So why not take advantage of the snowy days on which most people stay in?

Anyway, my friend Mal and I embarked on a snowy adventure yesterday.  It honestly wasn’t that bad when we left.  Yes, both Wood and Lucas counties were under a level one snow emergency, but it was just a little snow and ice on the ground.  So off we headed to Fallen Timbers mall.  I needed a new pair of jeans (my only pair was really saggy after losing weight in China and since I’ve been back), and I wanted to do a little research at Barnes & Noble.  Admittedly, the drive there took a bit longer than normal due to driving conditions, but I didn’t think it was that bad yet.  We enjoyed our time there and then headed up to Toledo to actually get my jeans since the store at Fallen Timbers didn’t have my size.  Once there, we ordered Caribou Coffee and had a great time wandering around the mall trying on different clothes and scouting for styles we liked.  We left the mall at 6 pm.  It was then that I realized that our snowy adventure might have been a slightly worse idea than I had anticipated.

You see, due to the ice, I had to sit in the car and then drive with the defrost on.  Somehow, I forgot that this eats through gas like crazy.  So despite the fact that I left BG with 1/3 tank of gas, when we pulled out of the mall parking lot in Toledo, my gas gauge read just above empty.  Though this concerned me a bit, I wasn’t too worried since I knew I had about 60 miles left in the tank.  That is, if I had remembered at that point to turn the defrost off.  I didn’t.  We left, and the gas steadily decreased at an alarming rate.  It was starting to snow again.  Darkness was falling.  It had been a long day, and we both just wanted to get home and eat dinner.  To be safe, I decided to take the highway home rather than the surface streets.  About three miles on the highway, we came to a horrible traffic jam.  We sat in traffic for a long, long, long time.  By this point, I had turned the defrost off to conserve gas.  Something about sitting there stuck in traffic with no gas triggered my memory on the subject.  Anyway, we were stuck, and I was worried that we would get stranded because the car would run out of gas.  It was at that point that we realized that Mal’s phone was almost dead.  Since I was going to be with Mal all day, I had left our phone with John thinking I wouldn’t need it.  So we were cold, tired, and stuck in traffic with no gas and an almost dead phone.  We didn’t know what we would do if we ran out of gas because we were stuck between two exits six miles apart.  Even if John or her boyfriend came to give us gas, they wouldn’t be able to reach us without getting stuck in the same traffic jam several miles behind us.

It was in that moment of fear and anxiety that we remembered to turn to God.  He has been teaching us both a lot about trusting Him with all our lives and showing us that He will provide all we need for that very moment.  We don’t need to worry about the future because He will take care of us.  So we prayed.  We needed Him to take care of us, whether than meant letting our gas not run out until we got home or protecting us if we had to ditch the car and make it back to BG.

He did take care of us!  Despite our concern and increasingly bad moods, God got us safely to Mal’s house.  We didn’t run out of gas!  We even made it to the gas station this morning!  And her phone didn’t die so we were able to stay in contact with our significant others while we were still on the road.  It may seem like a little thing (and thinking back on it today, it wasn’t as big of a deal or as bad of a situation as I had thought last night), but God took care of us.  He proves His love for us all the time, even in the smallest ways.  He is so faithful!

How has God shown you His love recently?  Have you gone on any snowy adventures?  Do you even like snow?


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2 responses to “Snowy adventure”

  1. Emily says :

    So glad you two sweet girls made it back to BG. I love that you both turned to God in that moment of anxiety. God has been showing me His love via soft whispers in my heart. You know, the kind of statements of truth that can only be coming from Him! Amazing.

    I, too, like snow in small amounts, but my recent adventures in the snow involve wearing my Hunter rain boots my mother-in-law bought me. Truly the best pair of boots for the snow! Snow is now somewhat enjoyable to me. 🙂

    • Rachel says :

      I love His soft whispers! They are so encouraging! I’m glad you have awesome snow boots. I would probably enjoy the snow more! Can’t wait to see you at some point!

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