Grounds for Thought

Grounds for Thought

This afternoon finds me sitting at Grounds for Thought, a local coffee shop in Bowling Green, Ohio, after a morning of babysitting (more on those adventures later!).  I have spent many an afternoon or evening (and even some early mornings) sitting in Grounds reading, writing, or hanging out with friends.  Sometimes I even claim to accomplish all three at once!

Anyway, I love Grounds.  It is one of my home away from homes.  Well, since I don’t really have a home at the moment, I suppose I should just say that I enjoy spending time at Grounds.  It is comfortable and familiar; the owners and some of the baristas know me.  The coffee is good; the music is eclectic.  And I swear that the internet has become more reliable recently, which is fantastic since I love to blog!

One of my favorite aspects of Grounds though is the smell.  It smells of delicious coffee!  I love it!  Even if I just run in for a drink, I emerge smelling of coffee.  It is fantastic and unique.  The whole Grounds experience is delightful, even though they removed most of the outlets so charging computers can be a bit of an issue.  I’ve played many games of chess; had long, deep, thoughtful conversations; written most of my undergrad papers; and generally lived life in Grounds over the past four years (sadly, I didn’t discover it until sophomore year, but I wasted no time and dove right into life at Grounds).  If facebook would work or I had my external hard drive with all of my pictures, I would show you some of my adventures at Grounds.  Since I don’t have any at the moment, I’ll leave it to your imagination until I can post pictures!

Where do you enjoy hanging out?  Do you have a favorite coffee shop?


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