Wintry walks

Snowy driving escapades are not my only winter weather adventure.  I also take walks.  Despite freezing fingers and icily wet feet (I typically wear my red Pumas), I frequently wander into the winter wonderland to walk downtown.  I like walking.  The steady rhythm of my feet on the sidewalk calms my mind.  I process and sort my thoughts; I organize my mind, which reduces my stress.  In addition, it is decent exercise.  Certainly not the best, but definitely better than nothing.  All this to say, I like taking walks.  And taking my camera along.  I love wandering through the streets capturing whatever strikes my fancy.  Since my husband has encouraged me to document all the adventures in my life, or possibly just life itself, I grabbed my camera the other day and headed out to play with how different settings made my walk to Grounds for Thought more interesting.  Enjoy the pics!

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